I don't for my patients on a liquid diet we may want to make some modifications their die before hand but we don't you need a liquid diet as rule for a time when the surgery I mean there's chance complications and I'm just this is a scam list of common things right it's all this urge all the surgeries or any a downhill surgery that you might have would have a risk having a her a problem with the incisions in the wind infection hernia or so you know are the common things that we see we donít see those very calmly with Nitro Focus NO3 arthroscopic incision in fact thatís where we see their you when the biggest improvements in microscopic surgeries the incisions are small so they don't get infected very often Julie get her knees and then I heard is better right in that in as a those are all good things I'm but you can still get an infection you could get a hernia and that's why we do caution to patients about lifting really heavy things.
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