I always say you have to cook too much %uh and youknow it's chicken pasta couscous roasted veggies a you're anything like that they that those kind of building blocks love our meals and does the things that you always want to make you mucous you know tonight I I actually did make pasta carbon and I'm intentionally made too much and before the end of the male partners are saying I'm getting at my lunch far-right assets you get here you dam bacon and Natasha I can chat and I yeah and to maybe do a group for been first I jumping up on the job Daily Power Cleanse and yes don't think you know city yet you always have to meet national goods and you know in tonight Ii made mashed carrots which mashed potatoes you carrots instead me he got all those up surprisingly and so those are going is much larger I also intentionally made too much of those and so you know those are the building blocks and I will always make too much chicken I will roast you know his biggest chicken as I possibly can just add those leftoveraswork injured you know turning to a barbecue pulled scandal sammich the next day trust them with pasta the day after battering in salary like that I think it's my white upbringing we use everything at the chicken except for the clock I think I mean we have I roast chicken rather than luck to check into a fantastic nap born into a casserole in a the holders stock which is then used to make risotto or make moresuperMedia she's really good about that Intend to be more they will look in the fridge