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Thread: Hello MHF

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    Apr 2014
    United States

    Hello MHF

    I am a director of a non-profit here in New Mexico and own a small business start-up within the automotive industry. I want to improve my analytic skills with budgeting for special events and ability to think through problems like this one (below).

    Can we start off with an algebraic word problem I would like to solve with your help, o.k?:

    I have made some modifications to my automobile to increase the fuel mileage. The EPA estimates my car's hwy fuel mileage (at 55 mph) to be about 39 mpg. In a recent road test at an average speed of 72.8 mph on the hwy (a 32% increase in velocity over the 55 mph the EPA tests at) I achieved 41.6 miles per gallon. It is estimated that the average car is 18% less efficient at that speed differential (72.8 mph - 55 mph Speed diff = 17.8 mph). With the fuel saving devices I installed, at a higher velocity, 17.8 mph faster, I achieved better fuel mileage than the EPA estimated 39 mpg at 55 mph. This is a 2.6 mpg increase over the EPA estimate while driving 72.8 mph (41.6 - 39 mpg = 2.6 mpg increase).

    Considering the 18% loss in efficiency of an average car traveling 17.8 miles faster than 55 mph, can you help me solve for the actual mpg % increase I get now vs. the EPA mpg sticker equivalent? ( I can't drive 55!)

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    Nov 2013

    Re: Hello MHF

    Hi Jamez,

    Welcome to MHF

    Could I ask you to post the algebra question in the algebra forum? It will get more eyes on it that way.
    Thanks from Jamez
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