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Thread: Linear regression line question

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    Linear regression line question

    A study considered the Olympic medal winners (gold, silver and bronze)
    time in the mens 100 metre dash from 1900 till 2008. A plot of calendar
    year versus official time (measured in seconds) recorded to complete the race
    showed a definite linear relationship between the variables. The equation of
    the linear regression line was found to be

    Time = 33.78 0.01194Year.

    (a) For the regression line, identify what the slope is and interpret its mean-
    ing in the context given here.

    So Is the slope 33.78 because y= mx + b and mx is the slope value? Is my answer right?
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    Re: Linear regression line question

    I'm assuming you mean $time=33.78 - 0.01194 yr$

    The slope is 0.01194 since it is what multiplies the year. 33.78 is the average value of the times had they been run in the year 0.

    The slope is the incremental amount that runners get faster each year.
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