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Thread: Probability question

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    Probability question

    How do I do this question?

    The NSW government offers generous scholarships to encourage students to
    take up study and commit to working in areas where it determines there are
    shortages. In 2014 the government granted 100 scholarships to the University
    of Western Sydney. UWS was to grant 70 of these scholarships to students
    who committed to becoming high school mathematics teachers in a NSW
    public school and 30 to those who committed to becoming nurses in any
    NSW aged-care nursing home. After the scholarships were awarded, several
    disgruntled women felt they had been discriminated against and sort legal
    representation. Also the ‘A Current Affair’ news program was happy to air
    women’s grievances. They found that while 102 men and 98 women applied
    for the scholarships, 68 scholarships went to male applicants, while only 32
    females were successful.

    (a) What is the probability that a male applicant was successful in getting
    a scholarship? So for basically i know that there are 102/200 men and only 68/100 scholarships are given to men.
    So do I 102/200 = 51/100?
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    Re: Probability question

    200 total applicants

    68 men received a scholarship.

    The probability a man received a scholarship is $\dfrac{total ~men ~receiving~ scholarships}{total ~applicants}=\dfrac{68}{200}=\dfrac{17}{50}=0.34$
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