... but I know what I like.

Hello, my name is Alan, I'm a philosopher by academic training, with no talent for mathematics, but a deep interest in mathematical philosophy (as Russell defined it), because I believe that as much as any other discipline, this comes at least close to telling us something true and real about the universe we live in.

As a sample of the kind of question which interests me, let me begin by suggesting that the Parallel Postulate cannot be found anywhere in Euclid's Elements (and that is why we call it Playfair's Axiom, not Euclid's). Postulate 5 is as close as he ever gets, and there are even professional mathematicians - who ought to know better - who mistake Postulate 5 for the Parallel Postulate; a breathtaking lapse of philosophical judgement!

Other examples of philosophically interesting questions: is 0 divisible by 2? Is 0.999... = 1? If you understand that there is no "right" or "wrong" answer to each of those questions - that the answer depends entirely upon the stipulated axiom set - then you are not just a mathematician, you are a mathematical philosopher. Anyway, that's what I drink. I mean think.

But on with the forum...