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Thread: Would like some help on a proof

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    Jan 2014

    Would like some help on a proof

    Dear all,

    I have an exercise which asks me to prove the following;

    Let A be a non-singular matrix with transpose A' and inverse inv(A)
    Let b be a vector with transpose b'.

    Prove that for b' A b =//not equal to//= -1

    inv( A + b b' ) = inv(A) - inv(A) b b' inv(A) / ( 1 + b inv(A) b)

    I tried to give the easiest notation possible and hope you can help me.


    p.s. I attached an image to clarify the equation.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Would like some help on a proof-illustration-proof-ex.-6.jpg  
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