So I've never been "great" with math, I worked on avionic systems in the navy as well as started college for an associates in physical science, (which i had to get approved to major in by the military since they're paying).
Here's my problem. Like i said I've never been great, college algebra basically at this point. Recently I've been getting stressed or bored and I'll take a pen and paper and start successively squaring a n < 10 without having to use remainders, and i typically go until i break about a billion. Now I've found some pretty astounding things with the last number of primes, I think I've done this up to 13 and not just primes, repeating in a four number sequence that repeats forever. I'll keep testing this with higher primes and see what happens, but how would I even write that out? I'm sure its nothing new but i keep doing things or finding patterns with numbers, for example 5 to the 3rd power and up , the last 3 digits of the answer will alternate 125 and 625. I did try and make 5 to the 3rd plus n as a function but now how do i finish said theory or whatever it is? i had read something and used the sideways M with inf on top and n plus 1 on the bottom with s = last 3 digits and s1 125 and s2 625 with a back and forth arrow between them but I'm sure this is wrong. So here is my question ( I have also out of nowhere been obsessively working on godel equations that rise and end with zero and i forgot the actual theorem i saw in the preface of a book years ago ) I would really like to know what I'm doing here, my logic, and ability to do math in my head is pretty good, my memory is not great, but i can read and for the most part understand most theoretical physics books i have read that were not heavy with math, ie. penrose, deteuche. I have tons of textbooks on my computer, where should i start, what topics should i go through to be able to understand mechanics / quantum mechanics / physics / group theory / etc.. ANY help would be awesome, sorry if its a bit long i don't know where else to ask. thanks