Hello all. I work in health care and have just been introduced to this linear programming world. Struggling...Can anyone give me guidance to help me make sense of the following:
Care Managers Inc. has discontinued its diabetes monitoring program. that has created excess care management capacity in the organization. Management is considering reapplying this capacity to three products- a car coordination product, a disease management product or a wellness produc. the available capacity from the defunct diabetes program is:
Capacity type Available time(hrs per week)
Care Assistant 500
Ddietician 350
Nurse 150

the number of staff hours required to produce one care management call for each produc is illustrated below
Capacity Type Care Coordination Disease Management Wellness
Care Assistant 9 3 5
Dietician 3 0 2
Nurse 5 4 0
The sales department indicates that the sales potential for coordination and disease management exceeds the maximum production rate and the sales potential for wellness is 20 calls per week. the unit profit would be 450 (coordination, $20 (diseasemanagement) and $25 (wellness. How many of each call should Care Managers do to maximize profit?