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    Sep 2013
    South Africa

    Hi there


    I'm new here and i'm from South Africa. Recently I received an assignment and need help with some of the questions.
    If somebody could please assist me with these problems and also check that the other questions are correct it will be highly appreciated.
    The assignment consists of most topics in our maths syllabus.
    The questions I require help in is Question 2 (Most of it), Question 4, Question 5, Question 6B.
    I still have to complete question 7.

    I am having problems with my internet connection thats why i have to upload the pictures seperately.

    Thanks in advance.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hi there-scan.jpeg   Hi there-untitled.jpg   Hi there-scan-1.jpeg   Hi there-scan-2.jpeg   Hi there-scan-3.jpeg  

    Hi there-scan-4.jpeg   Hi there-scan-5.jpeg   Hi there-scan-7.jpeg   Hi there-scan-8.jpeg   Hi there-scan-9.jpeg  

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    Re: Hi there

    Some suggestions:

    1. When scanning pages and posting them as pictures please be sure to place them right side up, and not upside down! Also the resolution is so small the pics are very hard to read.

    2. In problem 2a check the sign of the 3 term. If the graph is shifted 3 units up then h(x) should be equal to lo(x+5) +3, not minus 3. This error ripples throug the remainder of the problem.

    3. For problem 4 you have three known points for f(x), so can solve for the three unknowns by solving the simultaneous equations.

    4. Problem 5 is a matter of setting up the equations, and then solving.

    pB + pG + 10A = 640, and you know G=40 and B=2A, so this becomes p(2A)+p(40)+10A = 640

    Apples cost 60 less than bananas, so:

    10A = pB-60 = p2A-60.

    So now you have two equations with unknowns p and A.
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