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Thread: Hello!! I am Francesco ! : )

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    Sep 2013

    Hello!! I am Francesco ! : )

    Hello, everyone I am Francesco from Europe(ITA), and I am 26 years old.
    I would like to give a brief introduction of myself saying that my journey through mathematics has been very strange and peculiar.
    I can say that I have never been very good in math, I have had always problem since my elementary school and then middle school up to the second year of high school.
    From this moment I never studied math anymore in my life since I was 24 years old (my high school didn't require math), so as most of you could think now is: What the hell is doing here?
    Well, I can say that I have lived in London and I was attending the Birkbeck University of life science 1st year, and we had a preparatory math class for the semester, and I was not able to solve simple fractions, but something in me start like a little fire. I bought my first math book at 24 years old without any academic reason, just I was feeling to study it.
    The time passed and I moved to Poland Warsaw where nowadays I am attending an economic school, and as maybe some of you know there is enough math to scare most people without the basic algebra knowledge.
    Well, do you know what I did? I went for the most mathematical subjects in the university (Quantitative method), as you can imagine the first semester with calculus was just awful, a most of my friends were complaining for too much math, but me instead of I was fascinating watching this number I was like a kid in front of a free ice cream shop, it was just there I had only to study and all this knowledge and strange symbols could be my I perhaps could explain in mathematical way some of my strange ideas... Maybe. Well, I finish the first year and I will attend the second year, but now I am ready. I studied math (video lecture from USA'university, books, logic books, coursera...every single day and I am still not good I don't remember the formula I need tons of notes around me, but now I know how to take partial derivative, and I never felt so proud of me! ^^ Well, Ofc I don't wanna end this long journey here, I wanna take a post-degree in statistics and then I want study physic, because it is just the beginning!
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    Re: Hello!! I am Francesco ! : )

    Welcome Francesco...bienvenido.......
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