Hi everyone!

My name is Rosemarie, and I have a strong interest in first-year university mathematics.

In particular, I am interested in showing people how to solve many common types of questions that are encountered in first year university mathematics (linear algebra and calculus).

I've done quite a lot of examples in linear algebra, and if you are studying this topic, I would be happy to try to show you how to solve some common problems.

It's my belief that by recognizing the common patterns of solution, people can become quite good at solving these problems. It's really good to know these things when you're dealing with all the challenges that exist during that first year of your degree.

So, if you want to talk about matrices and operations on them, inverses, row reduction, Gauss-Jordan elimination, column vectors, bases, eigenvalues/eigenvectors and so on, please drop me a line, and I'll do my best.