Forum Rules

NOTE: Because of the severity of the spam problem here I am automatically banning
members for posting advertisements for the foreseeable future.

(1) No posting of pornographic or images of questionable nature. This includes avatars
and signatures as well.

(2) No hateful remarks about race, sex, religion, sexual orientation and the like. This
includes on the forum and in the PM system. Basically if you must insult each other don't
do it on the Forum at all.

(3) Racial, sexual, or religiously motivated images or text deemed by Administrators or
Moderators to have great potential to cause personal offense to other users and/or
promote prejudice will not be tolerated.

(4) No discussions which directly or indirectly encourage illegal activity. This includes linking
to pirated files, sharing piracy information and trading warez links, etc.

(5) When you post a question include any work that you have been able to do and show us
where you are stuck. When responding to a member helping you, you must at least try to follow
their advice/hints/work. We are here to help you, not do your problems for you. If you make a
habit of not showing work we will be forced to assume you are trying to cheat. (See also
Rule #12.)

Anyone violating (1) - (5) may be banned without notice.

================================================== ======

(6) The creation of a thread with the intent purpose of advertising websites or products is prohibited,
especially in the case of 'one-posters' who merely join and post with the intent of advertising. To
advertise "legally" you must get permission from an Administrator.

(7) Do not advertise in your signature, either.

(8) Do not erase your original post in the thread for any reason.

(9) Do not bump your thread, i.e. repeatedly post a reply on the thread to move it to the top of
the queue. If members didn't respond the first time you posted it chances are they won't get to it
the second time around either. To "legally" bump your thread post something new such as some
new information about the problem or any new ideas you've had.

(10) Do not (double or higher) post the same thread on multiple boards across the forums. If you
posted a topic in the wrong forum, contact a Moderator or Administrator to have it moved.

(11) If you feel a topic is spam, do not reply to it stating so. Simply ignore it and send a private
message to a Moderator about it or use the "report post" button at the bottom left of the post. By
replying, you only help keep the spam active.

(12) Do not post questions that will result in class credit, i.e. homework or take home exams. Whenever
possible an Administrator or Moderator will attempt to contact the school or instructor. Additional
penalties on the site will be taken as needed.

(13) Post your questions in the correct forum. As an example if you are taking Pre-Calculus and have
a question on derivatives, post the question in the Calculus forum.

(14) Use a descriptive title for your thread. Titles such as "Help me" or "Calculus problem" convey no
information about the help you need.

================================================== =========

Please try to appreciate and respect the effort from anyone who tries to answer your question.

Repeated or extreme offenses are rewarded with a permanent or temporary ban. Bans are usually issued
by Moderators and sometimes Administrators. If you feel that you have been mistreated, use the PM
system to contact the Mod or Ad.

The above rules are not meant to be exhaustive. If one of the Administrators or Moderators decide there
is a problem with a thread or post not listed above they will take whatever action is appropriate.