Computers have been playing an increasing role in education. Write a program that will help an elementary school student learn multiplication. Use rand to produce two positive one – digit integers. The program should output a question using the numbers, such as:
How much is 6 times 7?
The student then types the answer. The program checks the student’s answer. If it is correct , print “Great job!” and ask another multiplication question. If the answer is wrong, print “No. Please try again.” And let the student try the same question repeatedly until the student gets it right.
Hints: Use sentinel-controlled repetition structure to limit the number of questions the program asks the user. At the same time, check that the user has entered the correct answer. Use rand and srand to randomize the program.

my work:

#include <iostream>
#include <ctime>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;
int main(){
int x;
int a,b;


for (int c = 1;c=100;c++)
cout<<"How much is "<<a<< " times " <<b<<endl;
cout<<"Great JOb"<<endl;
else if(x!=a*b){
cout<<"try again"<<endl;


return 0;

don't know how to do further.please help