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Thread: Root Finding

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    Mar 2013

    Talking Root Finding

    Please help..

    Find a numerical approximation to the intersection between two functions


    Starting from x_0=2.400 at k=0 by forming a convergent Fixed Point Iteration, other than Newton’s method . Demonstrate that the fixed point convergence criterion is satisfied near x_0. Tabulate

    k 0 1 2 3

    For k= 0 to 3 iterations.
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    Apr 2005

    Re: Root Finding

    Okay, what is your difficulty? If you understand what a "fixed point iteration" is this is pretty easy.
    With x_0= 2.4, x_1= 1.984/ln(2.4)= 2.266. Then x_2= 1.984/ln(2.266), etc.

    What does your textbook give as the "fixed point convergence criterion"?
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