I`m from bangladesh, I am a graphic designer. I delivers premium quality and volume clipping path services at a lower cost. expert in clipping paths,retouch & masking.sim-graphics is my company web site.
sim-graphics is an internet based outsourcing company that provides clipping path and other
photo editing services all around the world. We consist a group of highly skilled DTP professionals with
years of experience in the field.
We are closely working with photographers, catalog companies, advertising agencies, photo studios,
magazine companies, printing press, web development and graphic design houses, providing them the
services they need for their photos including clipping path, retouching, drop shadow and vector
conversion. Our team is divided into 3-shift to operate 24 hours a day, so clients from anywhere
in the world may feel like that they have an in house design studio right in their own offic
Our production site is situated at a low labor cost region,
Bangladesh, which is specially concerned to provide the best possible customer service. Internet has brought us that facility to work two team together, like in the same office, while actually in two different countries. Taking that maximum advantage of low
labor cost region, we are able to provide incredibly low cost services and high quality customer support
all over the world.

Md. mourad bin hossain
Marketing officer
skype id: mim01819
yahoo mail: hmouradbin@yahoo.com
Gmail: muradbin77@gmail.com