Hi. My name is Natalie, I'm 19, from Sweden. At the end may I'll graduate from high school and I have no idea what I wanna do next. I like math and physics, and I do like engineering and stuff like that, but at the same time, I'm so fond of different sports. I do taekwando and I play soccer too (I'm the only girl in our school who likes playing soccer :P ). I used to play polo and basketball as well. And I forgot, music is another area that I'm really interested in. I play piano and guitar and I really like to learn new instruments. But anyways, for now all I care about is getting a good grade in my diploma. I study in international baccalaureate program and if you know what it is, then you should know that it is quite difficult. We got a task in math just yesterday, and I have no idea how to deal with it! I don't even know how to approach the problem. I hate looking stupid but I'm really feeling stupid atm. Many of my friends including my stupid ex boyfriend told me that math is not the right subject for me but I chose it anyways, and now I've really got to prove them wrong! I may not be a math genius, but I'm a hard worker. I really hope to find the help that I need here and I hope that I'll be able to help you in return. I will post the task that I was talking about as soon as I find the right place for posting it! And I'd like to thank the admin(s) of this grate community for their marvelous work.