Hello, everyone!

My name is Nic, I'm taking Math 230 (Calculus 3) currently and it is not going well. Former math undergraduates have told me Calc 2 is the hardest.....I strongly disagree

So, here's where I'm at:

7. Find the length of the curve correct to four decimal places: r(t) = <t2, t3, t4>, 0<=t<=2

Where I'm at:

L = int(a to b){|r'(t)|}
x = t2 => 2t
y = t3 => 3t2
z = t4 => z' = 4t3
L = [(2t)2+(3t2)2+(4t3)2]0.5
L = [4t2+9t3+16t4]0.5

Now, I hit a wall. Can anyone assist?