i dont understnd how to do these problems help me please and show me the formulas you used.

1.Jimmy decides to purchase a zero bond cupon with the face value of $16.000. it will mature in 10 years and has an interest rate on 9% compunded quarterly. how much will this coupon cost him?

2.leroy is 25 and wants to start a pertirement fund by purchasing a zero bond coupon from the US treasury. He purchases one that has a $50,000 face vakue ans will mature when he turns 65. If the simple interest rate is 8%, how much will leroy have to pay now for the bond?

3.Julie borrows $6,500 from the bank and will pay it back over 2 years. Her loan was discounted by $88 interest. What is he effective rate of interest

4.Albert needs to borrow $2,000 from the bank and will pay i back in 5 years. if he wants to make sure he does not pay more than $1,000 in intrest, what is the highest intrest rate albert can accept?

5.phillip borrows $4,695 from the bank and he pay back 3.4% annual intrest compounded monthly over 4 years. how much money will phillip owe at the end of 4 years? round to the nearest cent.