1. Tw0 ships leave a d0ck, The sl0wer ship leaves at n00n, and the 0ther at 1p.m. 0ne sails n0rtheast at the rate 0f 8.5 miles an h0ur, the 0ther sails n0rth at the rate 0f 10 miles an h0ur.H0w far apart are they at 2p.m.?? (can u please give me the figure 0f this please)[case 3 using c0sine law as my pr0f said]
2. Tw0 circles, wh0se radii are 12 inches and 16 inches respectively,intersect. The angle between the tangents at either 0f the p0ints 0f intersecti0n is 29degree30minutes. Find the distance between the centers 0f the circles. [als0 with this give me a figure s0 i will surely understand] tnx in advance wh0 will help me !