A football place kicker is about to attempt a field goal from the 30-yard line. He is lined up directly in front of the left goal post; but since there is a wind coming from the right side of the field, the kicker aims for the right goal post. This means that, from above, the ball will be kicked at a 79 angle to the 30-yard line.
A.) The player kicks the ball at this angle with enough force to make the ball go 47 miles per hour, and the wind is blowing at 10 miles per hour. Use a vector sum of these two forces to show that, under these circumstances, the kicker will miss the field goal.

B.) To make the field goal, the resultant force of the kick and the wind actually should have a magnitude of 50 miles per hour and a direction of 85. To counteract the 10-mph wind, with what speed--and at what direction--should the football player kick the ball?

I am needing help figuring out the answers to this question. I would appreciate if someone could give great detail in explaining how to do this step by step to finding answers so I will know how to do it.