Your Open Question:

1. Levy availed of a P67k loan at the bank at 17% discount rate for 13months. Find the bank discount of the loan and the proceeds.

2.the WSS is currently charging a 15% discount rate. Find the proceeds on a P17800 note for 60 days.

3. A discount of P300 is charged for a 72-day loan of August 1. If the discount rate is 16500, how much must be repaid on the due date?

4. Isabel signed a P9700 note that her bank discounted. The note will mature in 108 days. The proceeds were P9350.80, just enough to an invoice due after 108 days. What was the the discount rate?

5. A note having a face value of P16k was discounted at 8%. If the discount was P896, find the term of loan.

6. A bank charges 15% interest in advance as simple discount. Find the amount of a 10-month note which pangilinan must sign in order to receive to receive P39500 from the bank.

7. Rodel morada goes to a bank and borrows
P100k with his car to be used as collateral. The bank charges a 15% discount rate. Find the proceeds if the note is for 180days