Hello all...

I have a B.S. in Geology, and long story short, after graduation about 5 years ago, I took a temporary teaching position on the Navajo reservation to teach high school math. It wasn't what I had in mind for a profession while earning my degree, but it seemed like it was worth a shot right out of college, plus I loved the area both geologically and as an avid hiker. After 3 years on a temporary teaching certificate, I regrouped and took some time to decide if teaching was something I really wanted to do. Politics and the usual gripes aside (not to minimalize those things, but I'm not here to gripe) I discovered in that time that I actually had a "gift" for teaching in that I could convey the concept behind process. I felt fortunate to enjoy great success with my students.

The thing is, I'm no mathematician (I was 6 hours shy of a minor in math), but I've always felt like because I was "smart enough" to "get it" in college (provided I put the work in), but also not the "class genius," that this was my biggest asset as a teacher. I could understand where my students got hung up, their frustrations, etc., because of my own experience with the same issues. I feel like this, combined with my passion for helping out struggling students made me a good fit for the job, even if the politics and "usual" gripes really got to me. Hence the "I might be crazy, but..." title

So now, here I am, preparing myself to give it another go in a different state. This time I am going through an alternative certification program in Texas, and my biggest hurdle without a doubt is passing the state's content exam for high school before full admittance into the program. Since I am confident I can pass the test, but also realize there is material I have never been exposed to before that I will be tested on, I thought I would join the site for whatever help could be offered.

I hope to make my first (and hopefully last) attempt at the test in approximately 5 weeks from now. Many thanks in advance for any questions I will pose from here forward