So, I've basically forgotten the basics to maths. Previously, since I left High School this hadn't bothered me. But of course my college had a few surpises up its sleeves, and gave us a Functional Skills class. Initially I thought this was a really good idea, since it's not bad to maintain certain skills like English and Maths. However, when it came to this online Maths initial assessment, I obviously didn't do so well.

So here I am, rambling about rambling, and signing up to a site I only found out about ten minutes ago...but anyway, I'm basically planning on re-learning the basics, possibly more advanced maths if needs be.

I'll be posting up more specific problems later on, but for now I'll go struggle with ratio, any tips would be really helpful and I'd be grateful for any help.
...When I said I forgot the basics, I really meant it. I was doing some crazy weird division methods that doesn't even exist in this world or the next and I got answers that were far off in a distant land. That's how I came across this site. Since I don't have my old maths books with me at the moment I went searching for a basic method and came here. So all's not lost for me yet