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Thread: Writing book on hairstyles, number problem

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    Writing book on hairstyles, number problem

    High everybody. I am a hairstylist. I failed all my high school math classes. My 15 year old is smarter that me, but I need help that goes beyond High School. I am writing a How-to style hair book and wish to brag how many styles the book will help the readers create. I have a spin wheel inside the book. In case I cannot upload a photo, I will describe it. 4 wheels stacked up on each other with an arrow on top. Each wheel spins separately. The largest has 36 different braid types. The next has 12 braid shapes. The next has 9 accents to be used. And the final has 2 ways to do the hair...up or down.

    [I could pretend this is something else and say I have 36 differently shaped objects and I want to change each one to 12 possible colors also each of those possibilities in 9 different sizes while factoring in 2 different possible materials (wood and plastic)]

    Can some willing brilliant person do this for me and tell me how many possible styles my 'Braider Creater' would create?
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