Lampard, Gerrard two guys behind Drogba range is very large, nfl jerseys from china. can always retreat to the other midfielder challenge around, including Didier Drogba, including can place Fanqiang the.

Such as Shaun Wright-Phillips and Arjen Robben in the wide play guy, but also in the two wing backs to each other out of the ball to create trouble, LIN Yizhong now not only can pass, he can harass opponents.

This kid interception technology is still so bad, but he rather abruptly about tackles, or make the opponent's offensive player surprised mention protected LIN Yizhong behind Makelele.

Game Mourinho is the first choice to change the formation, always hovering Makelele in LIN Yizhong behind the game, Mourinho this move marked the king Essien thrown into the field, Essien and Makelele dual lumbar protection enhanced the midfield interception capability again.

The interception capability Makelele since Needless to say, last season even with the presence of Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira, the Frenchman best team at the end of the season, can be firmly secured to the main location of the lower back.

The summer transfer standard king Essien did not live up to his fast twenty-five million pounds transfer worth his defensive skill in the defensive midfielder position,nfl football jerseys .although not Makelele sophistication, but enough strong body support to stifle those who seek to go beyond their level of confrontation in the Premiership.

Although after two rounds, Essien first appearance in the Premier League, but also at home to Chelsea, but this guy is not there a little stage fright, and even his performance
This is when the physical strength of the play of the year, Makelele is known as iron lungs, now see Essien running distance and physical condition, even if Makelele retired, Chelsea do not have to worry about no defensive midfielder.

Offensive Essien plug in the ability to significantly better than Makelele, this guy kick good grounding in the long-range, although the team does not find him Cuichengbazhai, but this can be considered an alternate weapons, maybe when you can come in handy, at least give the other side a little trouble.

Such a combination of a double waist, did not let Chelsea seemed emphasis on defense, but let them in the battle of the midfield, the to occupy completely initiative, the oppressive steals opponents miserable.

Two of the main gates have been enough terror, Mourinho also deliberately Essien position premise some, let this guy in LIN Yizhong around as much as possible to form a protective play interception advantage.

LIN Yizhong that kid is enough to stir together, and now one more Essien help in front of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard coordinate, you can imagine how this kid like a duck to water, toss is called a real joy, the other side of the midfield, now completely is to take the ghostly LIN Yizhong nothing good way.

West Bromwich Albion team that sad reminder of the offensive players, not just in the opening did not set off what storms come, throw a ball, they found, which you want to attack, it is too difficult.

The game basically has entered a vicious circle, that is the Chelsea attack, nfl jerseys cheap, did not break, West Bromwich Albion players get, they can only Feet siege, there is no time to organize the attack.

If the defender a step behind, might Chelsea players Fanqiang back Feet siege, but in the rush to pass accuracy can be imagined, hardly managed to rescue the ball would come back after a few seconds.

West Bromwich Albion midfielder no ball opportunities, either closing down each other directly broken, or pass mistakes anyway decent attack, it was a no.

Throughout the first half, West Bromwich Albion striker on the opportunity to get a shot, or foul, because Chelsea gave each other a front kick, shot distance was a full thirty meters.

West Bromwich can conjure up a David Beckham to kick otherwise Cech's fingers off is not so easy to break through, the fact also proved their taker for Bigfoot siege.
Or stoppage time, LIN Yizhong cost of doing with his own ankle lore opportunity to Crespo sent out, otherwise, the defending champion of the first battle of the season, is likely to be a draw
This began from the midfield closing down now looks not only terror, is simply hopeless.

Layers of defense completely can storm was a very tough battle any opponent, to Chelsea if advanced ball, then this game is completely falling into their hands, not to the opponent to stay to stay alive.

This place Fanqiang after attacks by a high success rate is amazing, mlb jerseys china, less than ten minutes after the first goal, Steven Gerrard on the after in Fanqiang successful, large outside the area Bajiaonushe score .

Nil is a blow to two nil and that is destroyed, especially in the face of Chelsea so vicious audience challenge around this pressure can easily feel the collapse of West Bromwich.

Crushed West Bromwich Albion continued to resist the confidence to continue at Stamford Bridge in the first half of the two-nil.

Even their coach at half time with the kind of across the locker room door can be quite clear loud voice roar rushed his players did not let these guys what the color of the performance in the second half.

And they replaced three players, and no improvement in the first thirty minutes of the second half, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba scored three consecutive goals, the game turned into a massacre.

LIN Yizhong that guy not scoring, but his passing game staged assists hat-trick, Wholesale Coach Handbags, if not help the other post, chances are this number, but also a doubling possible.

As his own in the first goal after waving fists, and now he is to start bad-mouthing the Chelsea team, a blow, and he or mace as the weapon to fight.

LIN Yizhong so crazy in midfield play, Chelsea is unable to contain the lost five balls, perhaps for West Bromwich Albion, really the luck, bad luck they will lose even worse.