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Thread: Newbie here, but a big math/calculator fan

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    Nov 2012

    Newbie here, but a big math/calculator fan


    im a math, chemistry, physics and calculator fan.

    When i have some free time I like explore in max the functions of my graphic calculators! I own some casio calculators like fx9860, classpad and prizm.
    For vulgar people a calculator is no more than a gadget to make calculations but for me is something like a "smart calculator". Below is a calculator that i often use, with color display! Its really impressive the screen!

    I also own a forum dedicated to calculators only. I would like share my website with this community

    Casiopeia Forum - Portal is a forum, dedicated to development of programs and games for casio graphi calculators (casio fx9860, classpad, fx-cg10/20 prizm, afx 1.0/2.0)

    here you can download games/resources for casio graphic calculators and learn how to code (sdk, lua, basic)! Its a new website, only released some moths ago, but already have some good content!

    anywone here have graphic calculators? Ti, hp or Casio?

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