Softswitch is designed to manage the IP traffic where the audio and video data travels from one IP address to another. This application works as the bridge between the traditional telephone network and the VoIP network. It works by linking the PSTN to the IP networks and ensures the communication between these two different networks. The old switching technology was based on the hardware while the modern age switching technology solely based on the software. The softswitch software has outdone the hardware from the market due to being it easy and cheap option.

The softswitch software is based on the SIP. It makes sure of the error free communication session and provide the platform for ITS provider to offer various VoIP services like PC to PC call, PC to Phone call, IP device to Phone, etc. The quality softswitch not only works efficiently but also visually looks classy with sophisticated architecture. This technology is flexible enough to accommodate and suit all the old or new VoIP software and hardware. The features like customizable IVR, Card Number and Caller ID, Recording of unlimited calls, Least Cost Dialing and Least Cost Routing and lots of others are the basic functionality of any of this software.

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