Hi All,

My name is Vasili, I'm a recreational Mathematician who tutors mathematics grades 10 - 12 in Cape Town, South Africa. I've launched the Delta Assignment (due to a students rate of change) in the hopes of making my business more professional, more creative and exciting. I organize field trips with hints applied mathematics thrown into a great social experience etc.

I've applied for my B.Sc through UNISA. It's the University of South Africa (correspondence course) so you'll probably hear a lot more from me in the future. I look at mathematics holistically, which raises quite a few questions in my mind as to the reasons why we do certain things, less about how. Understanding that intelligence is linked to the ability to reason versus academic memorisation means that I stress a lot more on reasoning through a problem and doing many reality checks along the way over teaching the formulae, then applying it to a problem and Bob's your uncle.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hopefully I can help with some answers for some students as we go too, but I am too a student of life.