The Portuguese international,nfl jerseys china for the team to play the game shooting?
In fact, even though Ricardo is just a goalkeeper, but his ball technology is very good, even in the 96/97 season, he was still Boa West football club made a ball!
Anyway, he had come to the spot,wholesale nfl jerseysready to throw up. At this point, Ricardo has a fully and delightfully feeling, yes, very fully and delightfully! He's had enough in front of goal takes time, England in the face of a fool, he even felt that their lives are threatened. And now, he finally can stand in front of goal penalty! As long as he can score the ball, can completely get rid of ' abuse ' destiny! Look forward David James, solemnly apply the tension, he secretly some take pleasure in other people's misfortune.
Ricardo made a long run-up,air force one shoeswatching other people she broke out in a cold sweat, he drew a direct right foot ball along the ball towards the goal, rapid left corner to the ball of the foot, almost exhausted all his strength! Even after a foot, he has not come and go to see the results, and swing body fell to the ground! However,
The Stadium East stand came cheers told Ricardo, he succeeded!!
The scene narrator stand ...
" The ball into the! wholesale coach handbagsGoalkeeper Ricardo performed a powerful shot! The ball into the!! Portugal won the final victory, they made the European Cup semi-final!! The final result is 8:7, let us cheer for the team!! " The ' neutral ' the match commentator is no doubt a pure Portugal fans, the score was determined, he couldn't help to cry.
See the goal,Nfl jerseys cheap Scolari directly from in situ jumped up, and he succeeded! No matter how competition scene play, at least he bring to the team to victory!
This is the most important!