Hi all. Wow, what a great resource and tool this forum is. This is the real power of the internet. People collaborating and working together to help each other. Fair play to the admins and volunteers, it's a lot of work maintaining a resource like this.

My name is Sean, I'm living near Kinvara in the west of Ireland. I'm applying to the University of Limerick next year in the Aeronautical Engineering program and I'm here because I've been out of formal education since 1997 and I need to seriously brush up on my maths skills if I'm going to have a hope of passing the entrance exam next August. I'm also planning to do the Leaving Certificate equivalent exam, which is similar to the Grade 12 in Canada/U.S. I'm currently working on learning Algebra. My knowlege is very basic but I'm trying to cover 1 section per day so I probably will be using this forum a lot. I hope to be able to help others as my knowledge increases.

Again I'd just like to say thanks and well done to the admins and support staff here, and generally a friendly hello and how's it going to everyone else.

Bye for now!