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    Nov 2012

    Idiot requires help... (petrol in diesel tank)

    Registered because I have a (relatively simple) maths problem and I can't work out how to calculate it.....

    I basically put a load of unleaded in my car without thinking.... (it's a diesel car) and I'm trying to work out the percentage of petrol left in the tank after adding 3 top ups of diesel.

    I've tried to calculate it in Excel but I've become confused (not hard for me).

    Can anyone give me an answer and a simple formula for this problem? The details are below:

    My tank was literally empty.

    I put in 16.74 litres of petrol (before realising).
    I then topped the tank up to full with 35.53 litres of diesel.

    The car seemed sort of alright.... I then drove and kept topping up the tank to full with more diesel.

    I put in a further

    - 6.56 litres
    - 8.30 litres
    - 7.04 litres

    What percentage of petrol is still left in my tank?

    If anyone can answer this I'd be most grateful.

    Thanks in advance
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