Hello everyone, my name is George.
Here's my story, until 2 years ago, I wasn't interested in any kind of science except computer "science", I wasn't learning mathematics or physics, I just wasn't interested unfortunately, all I knew was that I wanted to become game programmer, I read few books, I learned basics and some advanced stuff on C++, and I think 2 years ago, it was a winter, I was reading through some books (I like to do that when I have a free time), and I came across a book called (if I remember correctly) Game engine development, I read the preface, and the author wrote that game engine was almost entirely math and physics, before that, I was learning programming without the need of knowing mathematics (besides very simple stuff), so I thought for a second that it was over, I didn't know anything in those subjects, so I decided that I would learn mathematics and physics, I bought DVD courses of Jason Roberts, I think this is his name, DVD courses from elementary math to Calculus & differential EQs, I learned the basics of math including trigonometry, but not further, and watched and studied 3 DVDs on physics, and believe it or not, I lost my interest during this time of computer science and game programming, and I became obsessed on math and physics, I was so excited, I had 1 year till university, I decided to go with physics, so in this one year, I read Giancoli's Physics textbook and did all the problems, and successfully did the exams, and now I am in university, majoring in physics, but I know that I don't know much mathematics, except what I've learned from Jason's DVDs, so I decided to start over, and got some books, I followed some guys instruction from physicsforum on math, and started by Israel Gelfand's Algebra book, this book is challenging for me, and that's why I came here, to get help from you people, and I'm sure that I will love to help how I will be able to do it in future.

I know that pretty much no one will read this haha, and it's ok, I just wanted to introduce myself and my background. I'm glad to be here.