Hello crazy students who have nothing better to do but be awesome.

My name is Shay, and I am a student at our local college. I'm only 16, but I've done more than most students in my class. Since I do more than the other students, I was alienated and, eventually, started taking college courses just to get away from them.

But, enough about my 'childhood'! I spend a majority of time trolling Yahoo! Answers to help with Homework questions, and thought it would be nice to assist on an actual Math forum, since it's my favorite subject ^_^ I love talking about it, writing about it, making formulas, 'and all that jazz'! Aside from Math, my heart is in writing short stories, and my mind is in writing random programs just for kicks (because nothing beats "hello world" more than random fart noises =P). I, also, spend a majority of my time thinking about Dungeons and Dragons. I've recently joined a campaign where all sorts of stuff went down, and it was my first day, too... It's a blast!

I hope to make good friends with a majority of you on the forums, or at least try xD