The game is about to start. In November, the two sides had a confrontation. Lakers than 99 101 road loss to the Jazz defeat the Lakers this season, the only time losing streak.

Jazz strength. Last season they reached the Western Conference finals than 4 San Antonio Spurs, the team retained the core of last season, this season comeback.

Point guard Deron Williams into super point guard in the NBA the same year, and Chris Paul his physical fitness extraordinary, not only can hit long-range shot, but also rely on explosive reached the restricted area, staged dunks.

The NBA famous "anti-bone earners Carlos Boozer is also a night contribution to the stability of 20 and 10 players, low technology blue fire, Nfl jerseys china
people vaguely see the shadow of the" postman "Malone.

There are also good at two-thirds vote of the center Mehmet Okur the defense tough small forward "AK47" Kirilenko sophomore rookie Ronnie Brewer. Brewer is a muscular, significant progress this season, averaging 12 points and hit rate as high as 55.8%.

Feng Ye first section or on the bench, the Lakers starting lineup becomes: Kwame Brown, Lamar Odom, Vladimir Radmanovic, Bryant, Fisher.

The Lakers insider serious lack of people, the meme also enter the rotation. Feng Ye come off the bench in order to deal with the Jazz power forward Paul Millsap.

Play the game for a few minutes, YE Feng looked at the field, only they can hear the sound around Divac said: "Vlad, thank you, if not you, there will not be what I am today you are a a good teacher. "

Divac all day and Feng Ye training, has long been clear that he wants to be traded. He felt a little disappointed, but also admire the YE Feng choice. When Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen get together in order to get the championship, and the courage to leave the wealthy to live on their own people are brave.Wholesale Coach Handbags

"Divac light said:" you guessed own brisk walking? "

YE Feng smiled and said: "Well, now the Lakers can only fight hair Kwame, he is unqualified, the deal, he will probably go together and I?"

The Divac heart startled, uniform group is indeed ready to send Kwame Brown, Brown's contract is due to expire next year, and bring him to ensure the salaries of the peer-to-peer, and convenient Grizzlies cap space vacated. He said: "You have been well prepared mind, I will not say anything."

Feng Ye Light said: "If you mix well, and you want a new job, remember to find me in the Clippers.

Divac took YE Feng back a slap in the face, did not speak. This kid did not go to the Clippers, the Lakers coaching staff already want to lure them away.

Opening Jazz quickly took the initiative the Ao Kula to the peripheral, evacuated the Lakers inside. His third ball very prospective, Odom had to perimeter defense, jazz lifting the ball into the low to let Boozer singles Kwame Brown obvious advantages.

Yao on Boozer has a feeling of a last resort, Madison, at a news conference, broke the news that Yao Ming hopes Boozer be killed, so he ruled the basket, showing that this looks like violent criminals guy how . Boozer single scored 12 points, Deron Williams accounted for 7 points and 4 assists. Lakers party,Nike nfl jerseys
Bryant he was Kirilenko strictly prevent seven points on 3-of-7 shooting. Lakers first section 23 than 31, eight points behind.

Jackson, from time to time on the sidelines glanced on Feng Ye a, Feng Ye go, he felt the most pity. There have been many times behind the Lakers first section, Feng Ye can always come off the bench to lead the second team to chase points. He left the bench who can play an efficient game? Odom is a good coordinate insider wonderful assists comparable point guard can be sent, but no explosive in Feng Ye can not be exciting dunk to boost the team's momentum. Jackson believes that the Lakers traded for Paul Gasol may not be stronger than it is now

Chapter 70 yellow skin McGrady]

Feng Ye Section II play, he was ready to play like training as more breakthrough, more jumper. Outside line of attack he will, but the efficiency is not high enough, so more mixed low.

Before leaving, even if the blacksmith, forgive it? Feng Ye thought. Per game he played very carefully, for fear of making mistakes. The game he wanted to a real grab a ball, the freewheeling playing time to try.

Jackson did not arrange what core tactical know the lineup soon to be adjusted, and he do not want to talk too much, so players are free to play. He specializes in strategic importance opponents despised opponents, tactically.

Put on the center Jarron Collins Jazz power forward Paul Millsap Keller. Korver, small forward, shooting guard CJ Miles,Jerseys for cheap
point guard Ronnie Price.

Set the lineup is not bad, Myers ventilation hand, general talent, but there are often a surprise move. Korver three-point precision, Millsap attack in general, but a strong defensive ability, good grab rebounds rebounds third is not a vegetarian. With plenty of playing time, he can easily grabbed more than 10 rebounds.