Reporter finishing manuscript, and Feng Ye shook hands, asked excitedly: "Thank you for accepting my interview with Will we be able to make friends? Later I will be resident in Los Angeles to interview the Clippers and Lakers game."

YE Feng laughed: "Of course, what is your name?"

"My name is Zhong Dajun."

YE Feng stunned for a moment, why we think this name so familiar? Is media celebrities? Who cares
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Chapter 69 [the storm approaching]

January 3, Lakers and Magic transactions. Lakers power forward Brian Cook and shooting guard Maurice Evans in exchange Magic small forward Trevor Ariza.

Ariza, now 22 years old, 6-foot-8-inch, Rashad Lewis and Greek. Turkoglu two players occupy the performance opportunities are difficult to obtain in the case of most of the playing time, averaging 3.4 points and 2.2 rebounds.

The weakness of the magic is inside, as a back-injured veteran Tony Battie, Magic urgent need a big man. Cook fully able to supplement this position, he has first-hand the great shooting ability, which is very attractive to Orlando. Evans is a defensive guard, the Lakers have Kobe Bryant and Vujacic, he almost did not play opportunities.

Lakers in exchange for athletic Ariza, Feng Ye know that they began to prepare a bigger deal. He did not want to leave the Lakers, the Lakers front office
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will not be begging, they need to do is to ensure that the interests of the team.

Feng Ye try not to care about the transaction, the intention to win every game. Lakers will win streak extended to nine games consolidate first name status.

There are unexpected storms, Ariza first came to not play, Bynum injured.

In the away game against the Nuggets, Bynum Section III want to snatching a rebound, Odom's left foot stepped on after falling from the sky and cause knee sprain after landing, he has been unable to stand up, and finally had boast Meibu Lang and Turiaf will be carried out of the field. Lakers team doctor Steve Lombardo announced the next day Bynum's MRI results the, Bynum left kneecap at serious sprained need fully recovered, at least two months' time.

This season, Bynum is averaging 12.7 points and 10.6 rebounds, 1.4 assists and 2 blocks performance, shooting up to 63.6%. Rebounding ranked in the league 10 caps data can be routed to nine of the league. Good Lakers this season with Bynum's strong performance is inseparable the Bynum injury absence will no doubt be a blow to the Lakers! May seriously affect the Lakers in the second half of the season record! This makes the Lakers need more transactions.

Every game, are likely to become the swan song of Feng Ye in the Lakers. He will sooner or later return to the Staples Center, but then he would put on a Clippers' uniform.

13, Lakers vs. Utah Jazz.

When home announcer shouted the name of Feng Ye, the thunderous applause the audience. Oden absent, in the eyes of the fans, the overwhelming
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Feng Ye Durant is already a champion, like the existence of. Circular searchlight light shines on the body, Feng Ye waved to the fans, the mood is somewhat complex. Etc. Next season, fans will now cheer for him this? People will because of his support for the Clippers?

Players played, Bryant went Feng Ye around, Light said: "One thing I want to ask you, you is because I did not want to stay with the Lakers? Your hate I shot too much?"

Bryant is very eager to the championship, and he did not want to lose because little contradictory capable of assisting their championship tomorrow Nova is Kupchak told him YE Feng has no intention to sign with the Lakers about.

Feng Ye did not expect Bryant will take the initiative to look for him to speak, smiled and said: "Bryant, if you do not shoot, you do not have so many people like you. The shots does less depressed, but do not hate people like me efforts competitiveness I decided to go to the Clippers, the other reason you when I was too stupid! "

"You're not stupid, but you have to understand, to the Clippers is difficult to beat me." Bryant deadpanned Road.

"I know, you have to be careful, because the future will become increasingly strong today, we still work together to
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defend the home honor." Feng Ye smiles.

Bryant did not say anything, forced and he shook hands, they hug.

See this scene the attentive fans are in the stands to see some strange.

A gray windbreaker, slightly decadent man lightly said: "I do not understand, if the news said Feng Ye really will be a threat to the status of Bryant's why they also embraced on the field? Is this what my colleagues said online brotherhood it?

He was flanked by two friends wearing jackets the flathead blonde guy frowned: CASS, you can not say in front of my face and SAM colleagues network and brotherhood ...... "