Hi everybody,
I want to simulate the following problems given in Discrete Event System Simulation,Chapter4-Simulation Software exercise.The problem is:
15)consider a bank with four tellers teller 3 and 4 deal only with business
accounts tellers 1 and 2 deal only with general accounts Clients arrive at
the bank at a rate of one every 3 1 minutes Of the clients 33 are business
accounts Clients randomly choose between the two tellers available for each
type of account.(Assume that a customer choose a line without regard to its
length and does not change lines)Business account accounts take 15+-10 minutes
to complete and general accounts take 6+-5 minutes to complete. Simulate
the system for 500 transactions to be completed. What percentage of time is
each type of teller busy?what is the average time of customer spends in the
20)Thirty trucks carrying bits and a pieces of a C-5N cargo plane leave Atlanta
at the same time for the port of Savannath. From past experience, It is known
that it takes 6+-2 hours for a truck to make the trip. Forty percent of the
drivers stop for coffee which takes an additional 15+-5 minutes.
(a)Model the situation as follows:For each driver there is a 40% chance of
stopping for coffee. When will the last truck reach Savannath?
(b) Model it so that exactly 40% of the drivers stop for coffee.
When will the last truck reach the Savannath?