I'm from Mexico. I registered to this forum hoping I can get some math help. I think there are very useful topics.

This is my problem (as posted in Y!A):
(Notice that I wrote it while I was mad)

This is the problem:

I am from a third world country with a poorly organized educational system. In my public university students do not choose classes according to their level, but we (the group of people studying together) are on a fixed classroom and we all have the same classes.

My Math level is advanced Calculus, but in my Math class we are still learning the basics of Algebra! My schoolmates think I'm a genius; but, really, I still have a lot to learn and I don't want to waste my time with elementary Algebra courses.

My math teacher said I could miss his class and do something else, like studying more advanced Math or doing homework. This will certainly help me since I'm a freelance engineer and I take school and knowledge seriously...Oh, and I want to save some time.

What I'm planning to do is to read Calculus books from my school's library while it's Math class time. I would love to have a checklist of what to study, reference sheets that will save my butt if I forget something, etc.

Do you know where can I get some of the following?:
- Reference sheets
- Study checklists
- Exercises

All your answers will be greatly appreciated.