Hi everybody,

I suck at maths.

Now that that's out of the way: I'm a 24 years old French guy with a newfound interest in maths. I've always been among the best students at school... except in maths, mostly because it didn't interest me at the time. I didn't really get the point. But now that I'm done with school, I've started reading a lot about all kinds of topics; maths is one of them, and, simply speaking, I find it fascinating. But the thing is, I now have to catch up on EVERYTHING.

You may wonder why I'm registering on this forum, and not on a French one. That's because I only use online resources, and that as with pretty much everything on the net, English always gives you access to more contents (thus more quality contents). And to be more specific, it's because I had heard of an English site that apparently taught everything from scratch, in a well-organised and fun way, so I decided to try, found it great, and stuck with it. I'm talking of the Khan Academy. But sometimes, I have some questions that pop up in my mind, with no-one to answer them. Well, I tried to use their "Community" thingy, but got no answer, and I see a lot of other questions that sit there for months before anyone notices it (if they ever get noticed). So here I am, hoping to find some help on this forum!

Now, as I said I have a lot to learn. I've barely started trig for instance, although there are topics where I'm a little more advanced. What's fun with learning for one's pleasure as opposed to school is that I can focus on things I find more fun, which in my case seems to be algebra. But I can safely say I'm a beginner in all topics, so bear with me please~