Hello math masters! I'm GKC (josh)

I think it would seem pretty obvious about why I joined such a forum but I suppose I'll give you a bit of background in my mathematical experience (if you could call it that)

All my life mathematics has been something that i have simply "passed by" and by passed by I don't mean "it was so easy it was like I was never there" while in theory if I actually paid attention to what my teachers where saying I very well would have good grasp, however I just didn't care. I spent my grade school years just kinda making it by because the classes where such a bore. Then I got into High School and decided to not even try at all. In short I was a 5 year high school student, became what people like to call a "super senior" and spent 5 years taking algebra 1 and never passing because I didn't care. Needless to say I obviously flunked out of High School. I got my GED earlier this year (quite a breeze) and got into college as well. I just started but I have to take a basic college mathematics course before I can take any of my core classes, and for whatever reason mathematics is starting to sound really cool to me. I guess a late blooming of curiosity, so I'm here for when I need any help on my mathematics as I go through college

so hello