Hi everyone, I came here because am trying to self teach my self mathematics using textbooks and the internet. So far so good, but sometimes I need help in order to connect all the pieces together. Authors tend to make certain assumptions about their readers' comprehension of certain concepts that they never elaborate on some things. Also, there are times when I think I've understood a particular concept but applying it to a problem becomes so hard that I wonder if there's anything I've missed. Since am learning by myself, there really isn't anyone around to ask.

I've always hated maths but ironically interested in science and scientific explanations of how the world works. I'd always look up something I'd really wanted to find out more about but as soon as I saw an equation I'd just get turned off the subject completely. I later found out that to do some really cool stuff (especially with electronics and computers), a certain level of mathematical maturity was required. So I decided to get back to basics, Algebra. So I hope none of the questions I post on here are too trivial and if I do post any problem that I can't solve it's not from a lack of trying.

I hope you guys can spare some time to help a beginner out.