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Thread: Putting the word out about my new math channel on Youtube.

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    Aug 2012

    Putting the word out about my new math channel on Youtube.

    Hello all

    About a year ago I started recording math lectures and posting them on Youtube. A student gave me the idea and it is starting to get pretty exciting for me. I am almost to 1500 subscribers in 80 countries and 300,000 total views so far. I have videos covering Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Precalculus, and AP Statistics. I am also currently building playlists for Geometry and Calculus.

    If you know of anyone who needs some math help, I hope these help.

    It was an initial shock to put this bumper sticker on my car I have owned since new...but go big or go home! I am starting to think it is pretty cool, but that is only because I am advertising for myself

    Thank you,


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