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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Jul 2012
    Who knows anymore

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone!

    I have already posted a couple questions already, so I thought it was about time I introduce myself.

    When I left high school five years ago I got myself a job as a software programmer, I constantly experienced that my skills where being questioned because I do not have a formal degree. So now I am going back to school in the middle of next month, and I thought I begin to brush up on my math skills a little before I will actually be need them. It is probably no surprise that I needed it after 5 years of mathematical inactivity. it's incredible how much math you forget in 5 years!

    So I couple months ago I bought this 2 bind book called "Applied mathematics for bachelor students" and I have been working through it on my spare time.

    In a couple months I have gone through the chapters "numbers and combinatorics", "quantities and relationships", "Logic and mathematical reasoning" and I am currently at chapter four "Vectors and complex numbers". Only 11 chapters to go

    Interestingly enough most of my problems so far has not been with understanding the new material introduced in that book so far, but with the basics of algebra that I used without thinking 5 year ago!

    I hope I wonít have to post to many questions. I have always learned more when I discover the solution myself, and I have no problem working with a single problem for hours at a time, but at one point, you sometimes just have to ask, and because I have not actually started at the college and the math education wonít actually start until the 3rd semester I donít actually have anywhere else to ask

    * I am terribly sorry for any spelling and/or grammatical mistakes I may make. English is not my first language
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    Jul 2012

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