I'm sitting at home in my summer holidays getting a little too obsessed with the PC game Football Manager. In it, each football player is assigned 36 attributes (e.g. pace, passing, determination) with each attribute being valued out of 20. I am looking to create a formula, using Microsoft Excel, that would enable me to assign each player with ONE figure so that I can quickly compare the quality of each player.

However! This is not as simple as finding the average value of all 36 attributes because certain attributes are not as relevant to certain player positions. For example, it is important for a central defender to have a high tackling attribute but not important for a central defender to be good at crossing.

Therefore, the formula for working out the value of each player needs to take into consideration that certain attributes are less relevant for certain players. So, if a central defender was bad a crossing this would not have a significant effect on his overall value. If a central defender was bad a tackling this would have a more significant on his overall value.

The two variables in the formula are the player's attributes and the value I place on the attribute depending on the player's position. The player's attributes come from the game and the value I place on the attribute will come from my subjective point-of-view.

I hope this is enough information for you to help me. Any suggestions or further questions about my problem would be hugely welcome? I appreciate this may not be the most pressing concern for most people but I'm enjoying trying to work this out and maybe someone on this forum will do so too.

If I have placed this post in the wrong section of the forum I apologise.

Thank you, Harry!