So I guess I signed up for this forum about a year ago but I don't think i ever posted. back then I was doing well in algebra maybe trig. now I'm failing calc 2.... sucks but the life boat has already sailed. this means I have a few months to prep for the next time I take it. This has been a rough summer for me and i have been feeling like i have missed something the entire time. some chunk of knowledge that i may have missed from calc 1. i may go back to those exams and find my lowest grade and see if i ever caught up in my deficiency.

I'm 26, attending a community college in yuba city ca, hoping to be an engineering student at a university eventually.
I had to work for a long time while attending school, and may have to start working again. which will mean that I'll be 30 going to a university.

my wish list of universities - Calpoly SLO, UC Davis, CSU Chico, then I guess I could go to Humboldt state if I'm forced to.