Hi everyone, I need a little advice.

Does it take extreme skill to major in Math?

I recently changed my major to math and I'm nervous that I might not be cut out for it. I've always done very well, and usually better then most in my math courses. Although nothing ever came easy for me. At the end of every math class, I usually went home clueless/confused on what was lectured in class. I'm not the type of student who can answer a problem instantly in class and call out answer. I process everything slower and my short term memory is horrible, so it's hard to pay attention in class. Despite all that, I've managed to get an A in every math course I've taken. I really do enjoy math, but I'm not sure that is enough for me to succeed as a math major. I'm still not sure what direction would be best for me to in for math... stats, actuarial, engineering, etc..

Background Math Courses I've Taken....
College Algebra, Business Calculus, and Intro to Statistics. (I was originally majoring in business and these classes were required for it).

Now that I switched to math I'm restarting my math path with these 2 classes next semester.
Precalculus I - College Algebra
Precalculus II - College Algebra and Trigonometry