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Thread: New member - Calculus 2!

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    New member - Calculus 2!

    Hi smart people!

    I am Nick and I just started a Calculus 2 class a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty good with derivatives except I'm a little rusty on product and quotient rule. We did basic integration and I understand most of the indefinite and definite integral stuff but substitution is what I'm struggling with now. Anyways, I will be needing lots of help and I hope there are some smart calc people on this forum that can help me when problems arise throughout my calc 2 class.

    A little more about me:
    I am going to Cincinnati State Technical & Community College in OHIO. I graduate this summer. I have a 3.8gpa and I am transferring to the University of Cincinnati this fall to get my BSEET.
    I'm good at math in general and always get good grades. I try my best but nobody can do everything on their own. This teacher I have makes you learn it on your own and that's why I'm here.

    Thanks in advance for all the help! (:
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