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Thread: Hello, I'm new to MHF

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    Mar 2012
    Murphy, TX

    Hello, I'm new to MHF

    Just because it was requested, I am introducing myself.

    My name is John and I live outside of Dallas, TX.

    I just got an iPad and was searching for math applications for it so that I could help my son with his algebra homework. It's been many years since I've had to get this deep with math so I am relearning while he is learning.

    I've always loved math but my career path doesn't require all the calculus I took in college.

    As for interests, I love to play the piano and write music. I also love to play foosball and baseball with my sons.

    I look forward to any help I can get on the forum and getting to know you guys.

    The biggest math help I have found in the last few months is It is absolutely amazing how well it explains the terminology and shows step-by-step how to work the problems. It uses some software for solving equations called that is really cool. I just checked out there site and it doesn't look like the iPad version is ready yet, just Android. I'm going to get the iPad version when it is released. I have an Android tablet (ASUS Transformer) but absolutely hate it, so I'm not going to purchase anymore apps for it. It is so user UNfriendly and crashes alot.

    Anyway, that's my two cents worth.


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    Re: Hello, I'm new to MHF

    Hi John, welcome to the Math Help Forum family!

    Glad to see you're done with the Asus and onto the iPad!

    Looking forward to having you be a part of our math family!
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