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    Lightbulb eniMath - Challenges

    ...first of all let me congratulate all those responsible for such a forum...not anyone has the courage and brains to tackle such sensitive subjects as math...

    Now,about my site. eniMath - Challenges is,as its name states, a place on the internet where the individual is challenged in solving different math related problems and upon solving those problems,he earns points. These points are used in a general ranking system with which the user can show off if hes ranking is good,or fight for a better rank.
    It is currently in beta testing,so any idea,no matter how strange or stupid you might find it,tell me and we'll work something out. the near future I'll be searching for moderators on this module of my site,people who will have to insert new problems for others to solve...devoted people...if you think you can help,contact me.

    for more information about this module,visit the site and don't forget : "Information belongs to the world!",doesn't it?
    Any critics that you might have[those are what I'm searching for],please state them here...I'll be happy to read them out.

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