Wasn't too sure where to put this question, seemed like the most suitable area here....

Basically I'm trying to work out the best path to actually study maths - I'm currently self teaching GCSE, but find that I'm often flitting between areas and don't know which are to follow with what etc.

But I've got an Edexcel spec sheet - here's a link to the PDF of that.

What I'm unsure about is the order though, It starts with Number and Algebra (page 33), which seems fairly logical even to me.

But then once past this It lists the criteria which should be known for each area. Is the order that things would actually be taught in though? (roughly)

As in, it'd be number, up to page 39, then it would move onto the Algebra on page 40 (of the spec sheet) in a linear fashion, or would it jump between...?

Just a bit unsure, thanks for any help!